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Three people cycling.
Cycling is good for your health.

Why cycling is good for us

Cycling is a fun activity that helps improve many areas of your health such as, cardiovascular, respiratory, strength, movement, flexibility and can help maintain a healthy weight.

Cycling can also help improve you mental health relieving stress, anxiety and depression.

Cycling is a low-impact activity that puts less stress on the joints than running or other high-impact activities, making it an excellent choice for people with arthritis or joint pain.

Cycling groups

Find and join a cycling club near you:

Bury Walking and Cycling Community Group

The Bury Walking & Cycling Community Group has been created to provide a platform for effective communication and collaboration between the public and Bury Council to work in partnership to support and develop  walking and cycling opportunities across the Bury borough.

Learn more about the group via their Facebook page:

Wheels for All

The Wheels for All initiative is a nationally recognised programme that provides children, young people and adults with additional needs the opportunity to engage in a quality cycling activity. By using specially adapted cycles, the activities are both physically and mentally stimulating and above all FUN for everyone involved.

Bury Bike Libraries

Bike libraries are local hubs that will allow people without access to a bike, to borrow a bicycle, like a book.

Bury Bike Hospital

The Bury Bike Hospital can help you with free repairs, basic maintenance and adjustments to your bicycle.

Cycling courses and schemes

Transport For Greater Manchester runs serval cycling courses and cycling schemes in the Bury area such as:

Donate your unwanted bicycle

If you have a bicycle you no longer need you can donate it to the Bury Live Well Service, email us for more details: