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There are two household waste and recycling centres in the Bury borough:

The Bury and Radcliffe centres are open 7 days a week, from:

  • 8am until 8pm in summer
  • 8am until 6pm in winter.

The only days the centres are closed is 25 December and 1 January each year.

Waste can also be taken to any centre across Greater Manchester.

Visiting a household waste and recycling centre

When visiting a centre, please separate your waste and recycling beforehand, to make your visit easier and quicker.

The number of times you can visit per year is based on the type of vehicle you have. Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and CCTV are used on centre sites to monitor vehicle visits.

  • Cars and cars with single axle trailers: 52 visits per year
  • Cars with double axel trailers: 18 visits a year
  • All vans, pick-up trucks, estate vans, city vans and chassis vans: 18 visits per year.

If visiting the centre in Bury please note that there is a height barrier, so any vehicles over 2 metres high must use the waste transfer weighbridge facility on the site.

Van permits

You'll need a permit to visit the Bury or Radcliffe centres to dispose of household waste if you're using a van, hire van, pick-up truck or twin axle trailer.

Please visit the Recycle for Greater Manchester website to:

If you're using a car, you do not need a permit.

Trade waste

You cannot take business or trade waste to any of the centres. These facilities are for household waste and recycling only. You can dispose of your business or trade waste at a SUEZ waste transfer facility, but PPE must be worn when visiting.


Asbestos must be disposed of at a waste transfer facility.

Please visit the Recycle for Greater Manchester website for asbestos disposal advice.