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Find out about planning applications and appeals submitted in Bury

Here you can search for planning applications that have been registered and determined by Bury Council. On our public access site you can search by the application reference or property address and you can view the document associated with an application, find important dates, identify the case officer and make or view public comments.

How to view and comment on all current planning applications

When using our planning applications public access, if you know the reference number, you will just need to input it and press the search button. (You can also search using a keyword, postcode, or single line of address, then select the planning application required from those shown in the search results). Select the 'related documents' tab, and then select 'view associated documents' - this will bring up the list of documents and to view each document select the application number link in the left hand column. Note: the list of documents will appear in alphabetical order but to put them in descending date order please click above the date column.

Please register your details in order to comment or submit objections on planning applications during the public consultation period or track a live application and receive updates by email.

Making your comments online will publish your comments to the website and please note the following:

  • In compliance with the Planning regulations, all comments made on planning applications will form part of the application documentation and must be made available for public inspection. Please do not include any personal or sensitive data that you do not wish to be made public, as your comments will be published online and made available to the applicant or any interested party by request
  • Due to the legal requirement to make comments available for public inspection, we cannot provide anonymity
  • Your comments should only include material planning considerations (see What are material considerations?) and we will remove comments the Council considers to be inappropriate, personal, offensive or abusive
  • If the application is subject to appeal, comments will be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate

Viewing information about decided planning applications and associated documents:

If you wish to find the planning history of an address in addition to the search facility above you can search via the online maps which will open the public access website for full application details or information about any policy constraints: Online maps.

  • All Planning application documentation and decision notices are available from 2007 onwards
  • All Planning applications are plotted electronically from 1999 and the sites/reference numbers can be viewed via the online planning applications online map. In addition the public access database search will reveal planning applications back to 1984
  • Planning application documentation and decision notices 1999-2007 and decision notices only from 1977-1999 can be made available but you will need to provide the relevant planning reference numbers
  • Requests for us to carry out planning application searches 1948-1999 will attract an hourly fee of £104.65 an hour (see: solicitor conveyancing and search enquiries. Please note we can only provide planning reference numbers as planning files 1948-1999 are archived on microfiche and held by the Council’s Archive department. Note if contacting Archives to view historic planning files you must quote the relevant planning reference numbers (see: Archives and family history) Also note this is not a substitute for an official Local land charges search
  • Section 106 Agreements: Please contact the Land Charges department to arrange purchase of copy S106 agreements Local land charges search
  • Discharge of conditions confirmation: Documentation regarding approval of conditions that are required to be discharged on planning permissions are recorded and available on our website via Public Access (Planning - Simple Search)
  • Note. Documentation is only available from 2008 onwards when the government implemented a formal procedure for the discharge of conditions. If you require our written confirmation that conditions have been discharged
  • Building Control : Planning do not supply copies of building regulations related documentation, decisions, completion certificates etc – please contact the Building Control section.

Please use the enquiry form below for any further enquiries about existing/decided planning applications if the information required cannot be found above.