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Ownership and management of allotment sites in the Bury borough are either ours or a different organisation. The organisation which manages an allotment site is responsible for:

  • Collecting rent
  • Arranging repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Handling new tenancies

Allotment rental prices

Allotments are managed or owned by different organisations. The annual rent costs for council and self managed allotments are given as follows:

  • Council managed allotment plots:
    • Up to 125 square metres £132
    • Over 125 and up to 170 square metres £156.20
    • Over 170 and up to 250 square metres £203.50
    • Over 250 square metres £313.50
  • Self managed allotments:
    • Rent for plots of self management agreements are set by each allotment association, but cannot exceed the maximum amount set by us.

Allotment renewal

If you currently rent a council managed allotment in the Bury area, you will receive an invoice when your plot renewal is due. You can pay your allotment renewal invoice online, to continue renting your allotment for another year.

Please have your invoice to hand, as you will need to give the invoice reference number to make the renewal payment.

Apply for an allotment plot

There are 20 allotment sites across the Bury borough. Allotment plots can be rented on an annual basis. If you'd like to rent a plot on an allotment site, please contact the site you're interested in to:

  • Apply and pay for a plot
  • Check plot availability or join the site waiting list

Bury allotment sites

Prestwich allotment sites

Radcliffe allotment sites

Ramsbottom and Tottington allotment sites 

Whitefield allotment sites