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My wellbeing needs a boost

Whether you are recovering from an illness, living with a long term medical condition, or just need help with getting more active, more often and living a healthier lifestyle, we can help.

Whatever your limitations currently are, we're confident we can help you be more active - doing what you can, enjoying what you do and moving your mood. We're also sure we can get you trying new things - experiencing new experiences, seeing new opportunities and even surprising yourself.

Don't let barriers get in the way

If your wellbeing is in need of a boost we understand that you may well have some barriers you need to overcome. It may be that you lack confidence in yourself, have worries about your body or perhaps you feel that people will judge you and won't understand your needs. Whatever your barriers may be, we want to help you overcome them.

Remember, that no-one can do everything but everyone can do something and everyone has to start somewhere!

Ready to discover a happier, healthier you?

If you're ready to take the first step to re-discover yourself and make a fresh start, then we're certainly ready and able to help you. We've got loads of activities and personalised support sessions that will soon have you feeling the benefits, helping you overcome any obstacles you have, setting goals and making plans for a better future.

Let's get started?

Swimming underwater
Walking in woodland
Tea dance at the Longfield Suite