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Events guidance

Many events are held in our communities each year.

Please refer to our event guide download to familiarise yourself with best practices when organising an event. The guide aims to help event organisers to prepare for an event.


Templates for you to download and use for your event.

Apply to use public land

If you want to organise an event on council owned land such as a public park, you can use our online form to apply to use the space.


The information you provide is used to enable our Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) to provide you with event safety advice and guidance. See Bury Event Safety Advisory Group Privacy Policy for more details.

Street parties and community events

Street parties are enjoyable free, community events for neighbours and families to unite and celebrate a national or regional occasion.

Street parties are held in residential streets and are attended by residents, their family and friends of the street. These events are self-organised by residents, neighbourhood committee or community group. They need to have reasonable start and finish times, agreed by the residents.

It's recommended that a someone involved in organising the event considers buying Public Liability insurance from specialist event insurers on behalf of all residents in the street(s). If you do not intend to arrange insurance for the event, you will be required to agree to indemnify the council against any claims.

Street party road closure

You can apply online to request a road closure for the purposes of a residential street party. The street party must:

  • be held in one or two quiet streets
  • be organised by (and for) residents
  • not be publicised to the wider public either online or on paper
  • take place during one day in a year.

Road closures for street party events are free. However, street party resident organisers will need to provide and install signs and barriers in order to close the road and direct traffic to the diversion routes. Signage and any marshals will be at the organisers' own cost.

Please note that we cannot guarantee a road closure if emergency or essential works are required at the time of any proposed street party. If there are roadworks for utilities or essential maintenance, these must take priority. 

Activities and events licence

Certain activities will require a licence, known as a temporary event notice. This licence would be required if your activity or event will:

  • sell alcohol, hot food or drink
  • provide regulated public entertainment, such as live or recorded music, a film, play or dance.

Temporary event notice applications should be submitted in advance, with a minimum of 10 working days before the event.