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Bury Council has 51 elected councillors. The council is responsible for appointing the Leader of the Council. You can find the contact details of your councillors below.

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Political make-up of the Council

This is the position after the 6 May 2021 election:

  • Bury is a Labour Party controlled Council
  • There are 51 seats on the Council
  • There are three seats in each of the seventeen wards
  • Labour: 27 Councillors
  • Conservative: 16 Councillors
  • Liberal Democrat: 4 Councillors
  • Radcliffe First: 3 Councillors
  • Independent: 1 Councillor


  • Leader of the Council - Councillor Eamonn O'Brien (Labour)
  • Deputy Leader - Councillor Tamoor Tariq (Labour)
  • First Deputy - Councillor Andrea Simpson (Labour)

Council opposition groups

  • Conservative Group Leader - Councillor Nicholas Jones
  • Conservative Deputy Leader - Councillor Paul Cropper
  • Liberal Democrat Group Leader - Councillor Michael Powell
  • Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader - Councillor Cristina Tegolo
  • Radcliffe First Group Leader - Councillor James Mason
  • Radcliffe First Deputy Leader - Councillor Mike Smith

Cabinet portfolios and members

  • Finance and Growth - Councillor Eamonn O'Brien
  • Children, Young People and Skills - Councillor Tamoor Tariq
  • Health and Wellbeing - Councillor Andrea Simpson
  • Environment, Climate Change and Operations - Councillor Alan Quinn
  • Communities - Councillor Richard Gold
  • Culture and Economy - Councillor Charlotte Morris
  • Corporate Affairs and HR - Councillor Tahir Rafiq
  • Housing Services - Councillor C Cummins

Deputy Cabinet members

  • Finance and Growth (and Ramsbottom Town Plan) - Councillor K Thomas
  • Children Services - Councillor Clare Walsh
  • Communities - Councillor Ummrana Farooq
  • Health and Wellbeing - Councillor Debbie Quinn
  • Environment,  Climate Change and Operations - Councillor Kevin Peel  and Councillor Nathan Boroda
  • Corporate Affairs and HR - Councillor J Grimshaw

Shadow Cabinet

  • Leader and Finance and Housing - Councillor Nicholas Jones
  • Deputy Leader, Environment and Climate Change - Councillor Paul Cropper
  • Public Health and Adult Social Care - Councillor Roger Brown
  • Children, Young People and Skills - Councillor Jo Lancaster
  • Communities, Leisure and Culture - Councillor Luis McBriar
  • Corporate Affair, Transformation and HR - Councillor Russell Bernstein
  • Transport and Highways - Councillor Jackie Harris

Mayor of Bury

  • Councillor Tim Pickstone
  • Mr Wayne Burrows (Mayor's Consort)

Deputy Mayor

  • Councillor Shaheena Haroon
  • Mr Raja Haroon Khan

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