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Councillor Shaheena Haroon was elected to the Office of Mayor on Wednesday 25th May 2022.

Her husband Mr Raja Haroon Khan will serve as Mayor's Consort and her daughter Councillor Ayesha Arif will serve as her Mayoress.

She was born in Kalri (Bhimbar, Azad Kashmir) Pakistan into a family that served the British Army, Indian Army and the Army of Pakistan since world war two.

Her political career began in 1983 in Pakistan, helping women in communities where economic opportunities were severely limited.

In 1999, Shaheena and her family moved to the UK and in 2010 was awarded the title of Bury Woman of the Year due to her work and dedication in supporting homeless facilities, acting as an interpreter and supporting domestic violence and abuse victims.

She was elected to Bury Council as a Labour Councillor for Redvales Ward on Wednesday 3rd May 2012, becoming the first female Muslim councillor in Bury's history.

She is a founding member and vice-chairman of Bury Asian Women's Centre (now Bury Active Women's Centre) and is currently employed at the Centre facilitating support and help to those in need.

The Mayor Shaheena Haroon
I am extremely honoured to become the mayor of Bury and am looking forward to my new role over the year ahead. I love meeting people from all walks of life, and this is a great opportunity to meet people from all Bury's diverse communities. I'm also looking forward to encouraging and supporting local charities and promoting local businesses, attending local community events, youth groups and activities, as well as championing the borough and representing the council at official functions.
The Worshipful the Mayor of the Metropolitan Borough of Bury, Councillor Shaheena Haroon

The position of Mayor

The Mayor is the borough's First Citizen.

The Office of Mayor is the highest honour the Council can bestow upon a Member and reflects a high level of public service and the esteem, respect and regard in which the holders are held.

The Mayor holds a position of precedence over all persons within the borough, except in the direct presence of His Majesty The King, Members of the Royal Family or His Majesty's Lord Lieutenant.

The role and duties of the Mayor, which are undertaken on behalf of the borough are varied and cover many aspects, but include:

  • acting as an ambassador for the borough
  • upholding civic pride
  • promoting the borough
  • encouraging and supporting local industry, business and commerce
  • supporting local charities and community groups
  • representing the Council at civic, social, cultural, charitable, religious or faith and many other wide ranging functions and events
  • chairing Council meetings
  • receiving official visitors.

Attendance of the Mayor and the Consort or Mayoress at functions

Enquiries are frequently received regarding the procedure to be adopted at functions which the Mayor and Consort (or Mayoress) are attending. With a view to enabling suitable arrangements to be made, the following information may be of assistance:


The correct description for the purpose of printing is 'The Worshipful the Mayor of the Metropolitan Borough of Bury, Councillor Shaheena Haroon' and when the Consort (or Mayoress) is also present 'The Worshipful the Mayor and Consort (or Mayoress) of the Metropolitan Borough of Bury, Councillor Shaheena Haroon and Mr Raja Haroon Khan (or Councillor Ayesha Arif)'.

Method of address

Speakers should refer to the Mayor as 'Madam Mayor' and Consort as 'Consort' and Mayoress as 'Mayoress'.


The Mayor and the Consort (or Mayoress) should be met immediately upon arrival and escorted, as soon as convenient, to the places reserved for them. If the Mayor and/or the Consort (or Mayoress) are asked to take part in a reception prior to the commencement of the function, then the organisers should vary the arrival time accordingly.


The Mayor shall have precedence over all persons within the borough except in the presence of His Majesty The King or a Representative of His Majesty. Accordingly, the place reserved for the Mayor should be on the immediate right of the Chair or other person presiding. The Consort (or Mayoress) should be seated on the immediate right of the Mayor or on the left of the Chair or person presiding.

When the Consort (or Mayoress) is attending unaccompanied by the Mayor, his/her seat should be in the position as indicated for the Mayor.

If the Mayor and/or the Consort (or Mayoress) are to be asked to speak at any function, particulars should be furnished in advance.

The Mayoral Charity Appeal

During their Term of Office the Mayor and the Consort (or Mayoress) have adopted Jinnah Day Care Centre, Bury Veterans Hub, Jigsaw, Bury Hospice, Organic Soul and Bury Hospice as the main beneficiaries of the Mayoral Charity Appeal.

Throughout the mayoral year fundraising events will be held and all the proceeds from these occasions will be donated to charitable causes.

If you wish to donate to the Mayor's Charity fund you can donate online.

Invite the Mayor to an event

The Mayor welcomes invitations from local organisations to attend events held within the borough or related to Bury.

The Mayor will endeavour to attend all events to which she is invited, but unfortunately, due to the high demand, this may not be possible.

A minimum of two weeks' notice of invitations to attend events is requested.