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Team Bury sets out a ten year vision to make Bury a great place to live, work, visit and study.

Team Bury ambitions

The Team Bury vision will be achieved through our Community Strategy. The strategy is centred around our nine ambitions that clearly set out the things we need to achieve to make our vision a reality.

  1. The Place to Live in Greater Manchester
  2. Area where people feel safe and secure
  3. Healthiest borough in the North West
  4. Popular visitor destination
  5. Premier retail town in the North of Greater Manchester
  6. Centre of excellence for education and training in the North West
  7. Each township thriving
  8. Area with first class services
  9. Quality jobs for Bury people.

Team Bury executive board

Team Bury is facilitated by an executive board, comprised of senior members of the following organisations:

  • Bury College
  • Bury Council
  • Bury Economic Partnership
  • Bury Grammar School
  • Bury Third Sector Development Agency (B3SDA)
  • Commission for Economic Development, Employment & Skills (CEDES)
  • Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue
  • Greater Manchester Police
  • Greater Manchester Probation Trust
  • Holy Cross College
  • Job Centre Plus - Greater Manchester District
  • NHS Bury
  • Pennine Care NHS Trust
  • School Governors Forum
  • Six Town Housing
  • Sustainable Development Partnership
  • The Met Arts centre
  • Third Sector Assembly.

Thematic partnerships

There are a number of thematic partnerships within Team Bury. These partnerships help Bury-based organisations work together to help deliver positive outcomes and achieve the key ambitions for Bury, as set out in the Community Strategy.

  • Bury Economic Partnership
  • Children's Trust
  • Community Safety Partnership
  • Cultural Partnership
  • Housing Strategic Partnership
  • Team Bury Communities Group.

Team Bury manages and facilitates many projects and strategies in order to achieve our vision.