Council and democracy

Leader's blog

Take a look at the latest blog entry to find out more about what the leader of the council has been doing to help and support local residents.

Councillors and council meetings

Committee memberships, members allowances, constitution, standards, scrutiny and live streaming of Council meetings.

Council constitution

Bury Council Constitution - links to PDFs on the Council Decisions web site.

Local Government Transparency

Key information to help you understand how the Council is managed and what happens money it receives. Includes spending, organisation and assets information.

Budgets and spending

Information on the council's budget, savings options, external funding and accounts.

Elections and electoral registration

Types of elections, registering to vote, and election result information.


Your views and opinions are important to us. Have your say about our plans, policies, spending, traffic and other services.


How to submit or sign a petition, and what happens when you do.

Data protection and freedom of information

Privacy, data protection, information held by us - what we hold and what your rights are.

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