Radcliffe regeneration

Progress updates - Radcliffe town centre regeneration

Keep up-to-date with progress on the Radcliffe Civic Hub project and wider regeneration plans for Radcliffe

Investing in Radcliffe news (August 2022)

A guide to what the future holds for Radcliffe. Includes the latest design information for the town centre regeneration.

Radcliffe Regeneration - have your say

Find out about the Radcliffe Civic Hub Summer 2022 consultation

Radcliffe Regeneration Office

A place in Radcliffe town centre where you can speak with our project officers and find out how Radcliffe's regeneration projects are progressing. Please note: Radcliffe Regeneration Office is temporarily closed until a date to be confirmed.

Radcliffe Strategic Regeneration Framework

The guide that is shaping the direction of Radcliffe's growth over the next 15 years with a series of realistic short, medium, and longer-term actions.

Radcliffe regeneration - project management and decision-making

Sounding board for regeneration activity in Radcliffe.

Your questions answered - Radcliffe regeneration

We have prepared a series of frequently asked questions setting out more detailed information on Radcliffe's regeneration.

Radcliffe's Civic Hub Levelling Up Fund bid

Details of our successful bid for £20 million to the Levelling Up Fund

Radcliffe Regeneration - Secondary school and brownfield housing

The latest information on the secondary school and housing projects