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The Council's commitment to the continued regeneration of Radcliffe remains one of its highest priorities.

Over several years, the Council has worked on a number of projects designed to promote the regeneration of Radcliffe. This has included the pdf icon Radcliffe Town Centre 2010 Masterplan - adopted March 2011 [1Mb] which helped to identify and shape some key physical regeneration projects in the town including the refurbishment of the market, new retail development and a replacement bus station.

However, the Council recognises that there is still much to do. Integral to this will be the ongoing activity of the Radcliffe Action Plan, along with the development and implementation of the Radcliffe Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF), which represents a new chapter in Radcliffe's Development.

Summary information on the Radcliffe Action Plan and the Radcliffe SRF is set out below. A series of Frequently Asked Questions have been prepared setting out more detailed information in relation to both projects.

Radcliffe Action Plan

By 2018 many of the key proposals from the 2010 Radcliffe Town Centre Masterplan had been delivered, but town centres across the UK were still facing significant challenges - largely as a result of changes to shopping patterns and the impact that this has had on high street retailing. As a result, in March 2018 the Radcliffe Task Group was established to help drive forward the on-going regeneration of Radcliffe.  

The Radcliffe Task Group worked alongside the Council and provided valuable input into the development and implementation of the Radcliffe Action Plan. The Radcliffe Action Plan signalled the start of this new phase of regeneration and its key aim was to identify a number of short-term improvement measures that would provide the foundation and momentum for a more integrated and longer-term strategic approach to Radcliffe's regeneration. The projects identified in the Action Plan sought to improve the overall attractiveness and image of Radcliffe, helping to increase business confidence and encourage further investment.

In February 2019, the Council approved a funding package of £500,000 to support initial regeneration projects identified in the Radcliffe Action Plan.

A summary of the key improvement measures identified in the Radcliffe Action Plan is set out below. However, see Radcliffe Action Plan Projects for more detailed information.

Public realm and wayfinding improvements

A number of targeted environmental and public realm works have taken place across the town centre with the aim of enhancing the quality and attractiveness of Radcliffe town centre for its users, boosting business confidence and making the town easier to navigate.

Place branding

A Place Brand has been developed for Radcliffe to create a strong narrative that sums up the key assets of the town, including its location, culture, history, future aspirations and community. Key themes have been developed to share positive messages about the area and for use in future promotional activities.


Four CCTV cameras in Radcliffe town centre have been upgraded and seven additional cameras have been installed, ensuring high quality CCTV coverage across Radcliffe's centre.

Events and animation

Christmas lights were installed in the town centre to support retailer and seasonal events and a series of "summer days of play" events for children were set up, boosting footfall into the town and heightening community spirit in the town.

Shop front improvements

This is an on-going project aimed at enhancing Radcliffe town centre by helping local businesses to make improvements to the appearance of their retail units. These frontage improvements will help to improve the visual appearance of the town centre, making it a more attractive place to visit and will help to stimulate further investment and business confidence.

Car parking management

Improved parking provision supported by traffic management will help to reduce congestion along key routes and enhance the quality of life of residents living near to the Metrolink station.

Following full consultation, a residents only parking scheme has been developed in the Bridgefield Street area.

Radcliffe Strategic Regeneration Framework

Work has recently started on the preparation of a Strategic Regeneration Framework, or SRF for short, for Radcliffe. The SRF will provide short, medium, and longer term proposals which will drive forward the sustainable regeneration of the Radcliffe Township over the next 10 to 15 years.

The SRF will guide the regeneration of Radcliffe in a coherent and joined-up manner, its scope will go beyond physical development and environmental improvements. It will provide a clear direction for achieving the town's full potential in education, skills and employment with the overall aim of developing a strong, healthy and inclusive community.

The SRF will provide confidence and certainty to residents, stakeholders and investors by clearly demonstrating the Council's ambitions, plans and vision for Radcliffe. Significantly, it will also place the Council in a strong position to bid for funding that is likely to be made available to towns that have ambitious but deliverable regeneration plans.

The development of the SRF will be a truly inclusive process with residents, business and community groups being encouraged to actively engage in shaping the future of Radcliffe.

Please see the Your questions answered page for further information on the SRF.

Timescales for the SRF

The SRF is a key project for Radcliffe. The Council is working to ensure that a robust plan for the town's regeneration is in place as soon as possible which will place the Council in the strongest possible position should Government funding become available.

The following timetable for the Radcliffe SRF was established prior to the current Covid-19 outbreak and achieving these targets will clearly be dependent on how the situation unfolds over the coming months.

Timescales for the Strategic Regeneration Framework
Early key stakeholder engagement to help guide the early vision and objectivesFebruary 2020
Identification of the draft vision and objectivesMarch 2020
Publication of the draft SRFJune 2020
Full programme of public consultation on draft SRFJune / July 2020
Review of the draft SRF in response to the  public consultationAugust 2020
Cabinet approval of revised SRF taking account of consultation responsesSeptember 2020

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