Regenerating Radcliffe


The Radcliffe Strategic Regeneration Framework

The Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) is an opportunity to help build upon Radcliffe's strengths and past regeneration activity to create a successful, enterprising and inclusive town that everyone can be proud of. The SRF will help to shape the direction of Radcliffe's growth over the next 15 years with a series of realistic short, medium and longer actions. This will guide the direction of future Council investment, support bids for central governmental funding and provide certainty for third parties wanting to invest in town.

Consultation and revisions to the draft SRF

Consultation on the draft SRF ran from 22 June until 3 August. All comments and opinions submitted were taken into consideration for the final SRF. A large majority of the feedback was in agreement with the proposals but a number of changes have been made to the draft SRF, to ensure that the final SRF closely reflects the views from Radcliffe.

Key changes include:

  • The inclusion of the school as a priority project;
  • Alterations to the parking strategy, with car parking no longer proposed on the Asda car park or the medical centre car park;
  • A new transportation strategy;
  • A wider set of proposed uses suggested for the Blackburn Street gateway site;
  • A shift of emphasis on the Royal Mail and Dale Street proposals with the redevelopment of the delivery office now a longer term opportunity;
  • Proposed enhancements to rather than a reconfiguration of the bus station; and
  • Strengthened sections on design and sustainability.

What happens next?

The approval of the SRF is just the beginning of this next phase of Radcliffe's regeneration process. The Council is now looking to move into the SRF's delivery phase by overseeing the creation of a Programme Management Office to drive the project forward. This team will be supported by Council officers, private investors, local businesses and residents to oversee development and provide input.

To see further information on the SRF and Radcliffe's regeneration, please see: Radcliffe Regeneration - Your questions answered.

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