Regenerating Radcliffe


The Radcliffe Strategic Regeneration Framework

The Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) is an opportunity to help build upon Radcliffe's strengths and past regeneration activity to create a successful, enterprising and inclusive town that everyone can be proud of. The SRF will help to shape the direction of Radcliffe's growth over the next 15 years with a series of realistic short, medium and longer actions. This will guide the direction of future Council investment, support bids for central governmental funding and provide certainty for third parties wanting to invest in town.

The draft SRF's content was developed by building previous regeneration work and through extensive early engagement with Radcliffe stakeholders in the first half of 2020.

A formal public consultation ran from 22 June until 3 August. All comments and opinions submitted were taken into consideration for the final SRF. A large majority of the feedback was in agreement with the proposals but a number of changes have been made to ensure that the final SRF closely reflects the views of Radcliffe residents and stakeholders. A list of changes to the SRF can be viewed on Radcliffe Regeneration - Your questions answered.

The final Radcliffe Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) was adopted by the council in September 2020.

The SRF benefits from wide-scale stakeholder buy-in and strong cross-party support, which has been formalised in a robust governance structure (see Governance). This places the SRF in a strong position to deliver on its proposals, and to seek out investment opportunities to fund its projects.

Early work has already started on the SRF's priority projects, which the Council intend to deliver in the short-medium term (see: Radcliffe SRF priority projects). These include:

  • A new civic hub in central Radcliffe, which will bring together a mix of civic functions at the heart of the town;
  • Expansion of the Market Hall and the revamping of Market Chambers;
  • New leisure facilities;
  • A secondary school on the Coney Green site;
  • A "whole town approach" to housing, bringing forward a comprehensive approach to residential development in Radcliffe; and
  • A rationalised car parking and transportation strategy

Update webinar 11 March 2021 18:00 - 19:30

Throughout the SRF process the Council has been committed to listening to, acting on and developing strategies based on Radcliffe stakeholder's opinions on the town's regeneration.

The most recent stage of this process was the Radcliffe Regeneration update webinar which took place on 11 March 2021.

To view a recording of the event, please go to: YouTube - Radcliffe Strategic Regeneration Framework update (Public webinar, 11 March 2021).

Please see Radcliffe Regeneration - Your questions answered, which covers questions which were not able to be covered on the night due to time constraints.

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