Council Tax explained

Council Tax rates for 2020-21

Find out how much Council Tax you will be charged and how your bill is worked out.

Single person discounts

If you are the only adult living in a property, your Council Tax can be reduced by 25%.

Council Tax for empty properties and second homes

If you are responsible for paying Council Tax for an empty property you will usually be charged a reduced amount.

Occupied property discounts and exemptions

Discounts and exemptions to reduce your Council Tax bill if a property is occupied.

Reductions for disabled people

Council Tax can be reduced by one band if a disabled person lives at a property.

Council Tax Support

Help with Council Tax for people on low incomes.

Second adult rebate

Money off the Council Tax for pensioners who live with other adults on a low income.

Discretionary Council Tax payment scheme

Extra help available to pay your Council Tax.

Council Tax care leaver discount

Exemption from paying Council Tax until you are 25 if you have been in care.