Housing news

Get the latest news and updates about housing, homes and property in the borough of Bury.

Rent payments

Visit the Six Town Housing website here if you a tenant who needs to pay their rent.

Housing Benefit

Financial help for people who rent their homes.

Apply for housing

Applying for housing in Bury and the options available.

Bid for a property

Bid for a property on Bury Home Options.

Six Town Housing

Six Town Housing provide a wide range of services to around 8000 homes in Bury.

Housing - Tell us about any changes to your housing application

If you are already on the housing waiting list but your circumstances have changed since your original application you need to tell us immediately.

Homeless information and advice

Help and advice available if you are at risk of losing your home. Here you can find information and some practical steps you can take with some of the most common problems people experience.

Repairs and housing conditions

Get information and advice about housing repairs, maintenance, home safety, housing conditions, energy efficiency and HMO's.

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