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The latest figures and statistics of homelessness and social housing demands in Bury.

The information shown on this page relates to data records held in December 2022.

We do not have any five bedroom properties in our housing stock.

Applicants requiring a five bed property are advised to bid on larger four bed properties, as they have a separate downstairs reception room.

Housing applications

  • 378 new housing applications received
  • 1746 applications on the housing register, which breaks down as follows;
    • 791 require a one bedroom property
    • 482 require a two bedroom property
    • 398 require a three bedroom property
    • 67 require a four bedroom property
    • 8 require a five bedroom property.

Waiting times

Applications on the housing register have been waiting on average:

  • 384 days for a one bedroom property
  • 459 days for a two bedroom property
  • 579 days for a three bedroom property
  • 751 days for a four bedroom property
  • 1085 days for a five bedroom property.

Advertised properties

The number of properties advertised on the Bury Home Options website:

  • 27 one bedroom properties, of which 14 were retirement living properties
  • 2 two bedroom properties, of which one was a retirement living property
  • 1 three bedroom property
  • 0 four bedroom properties.

Housing advice and homelessness

  • 282 new cases opened
  • 816 active cases open on 31st December 2022
  • 289 households required advice only
  • 7 households were threatened with homelessness
  • 60 households were accepted as being homeless.

Temporary accommodation

  • 14 households were placed in temporary accommodation
  • 165 nights: the average number of nights staying in temporary accommodation
  • 10 households secured accommodation
  • 105 households in temporary accommodation on 31st December 2022, of which were;
    • 88 families with a total of 178 children
    • 17 single people.

We do not use bed and breakfasts as temporary accommodation.

Footfall and access to services

  • 1625 telephone calls were made to housing services
  • the number of visitors to housing reception is not currently available.

Housing demand data

View previously published housing demand and waiting lists data sets