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Aerial view of the a town showing buildings and fields

Creating a new Economic Strategy for the borough is an important result of Bury's LET’S do it Strategy published in 2020.

The LET’S do it Strategy is our main plan for making the Bury borough better, to guide how we tackle poverty, make things fair, and grow our economy to be much stronger by 2030.

The vision of the Let's do it strategy

A place that is growing faster than most others and has less poverty than many places in the country.

Our new Economic Strategy provides a clear plan for Bury Council and its partners (referred to as 'Team Bury'). The plan outlines priorities and a framework to work together to create a local economy that is sustainable, competitive, inclusive, and resilient. The goal in the next ten years and beyond is to help the local economy reach its full potential for growth and contribute significantly to the broader economic growth plans of Greater Manchester.

While Bury's economy plays a crucial role in Greater Manchester's growth plans, it is recognised that there is currently an imbalance within the Greater Manchester economy. The economic output from the northern part, including Bury, is lower than that of the central and southern areas.

With a clear, thorough, and ambitious economic strategy, we are in a good position to actively contribute to sustainable economic growth across the Bury borough and Greater Manchester. This will be done by seizing key opportunities. For example, creating new and higher-skilled jobs by developing the employment land at Atom Valley/Northern Gateway. This alone presents a game-changing opportunity for both Bury and Greater Manchester.

Our plan for growing the economy is not a separate plan it is connected to other big plans. These include: