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The following summarises the five defining strengths shaping economic growth and prosperity in the borough.

  1. Strong road and public transport links make Bury a well-connected and accessible place to live, work and visit (this could be further enhanced by continued investment and improving active travel infrastructure to increase walking and cycling)
  2. Diverse and growing business base (over the last ten years the borough’s business base has grown by 49% exceeding both national and regional averages)
  3. Highly skilled occupations (49% of residents work in highly skilled occupations that are typically better paid and provide more reliable employment)
  4. Strong technical offer (apprenticeships in key sectors are helping to meet current and future skill needs, equipping residents with relevant skills for employment in the borough)
  5. High quality of life (the borough has a diverse range of well-connected towns and a strong recreation and leisure offer including parks and open spaces).