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We have declared a climate emergency and set a target to be carbon neutral by 2038. In response we have created a Climate Action Strategy and a linked 2021 Bury Climate Action Plan to to reduce our emissions, promote sustainability, improve air quality as well as the health and wellbeing of our communities.

Let's take climate action...

  • For our planet
  • For each other
  • For future generations

The term 'carbon neutral' explained

It will be incredibly difficult to achieve absolute zero carbon emissions and so the term 'carbon neutral' allows for small amounts of carbon emissions to remain. These remaining emissions will be offset by carrying out various activities such as planting trees or generating renewable energy.

Find out more

To find out more about plans for Bury to be carbon neutral by 2038 you can download the strategy and action plan below.

Background information

Climate change is a wide-reaching issue that touches every aspect of our lives as well as our communities. It is therefore vital that we have a strategy that will take us into the future and enable us to reach our target to be carbon neutral by 2038

In tackling the climate emergency and the range of issues associated with it, there is an opportunity for us to not only improve our environment but also our local communities.

Climate change is a fast-changing issue with science and policy being regularly updated. In response, we have created the following two documents.

1. The Bury Climate Action Strategy: A document that provides information on climate change science, background, place-setting, details the key action areas and the thinking behind our decisions.

2. The Bury Climate Action Plan: A document that shows our progress towards being carbon neutral by 2038 and where more work is required. The action plan will be updated every year to account for new issues, ideas, and technology.

Key action areas

Given the range of issues associated with climate change, the strategy includes the following nine key action areas.

1. Our energy supply

We will work to generate and source all our local energy needs from zero-carbon renewable sources by 2038.

2. Our homes, workplaces and public buildings

We will work to ensure that all our buildings are carbon neutral by 2038. We will achieve this by improving the efficiency of our buildings and changing the way we power and heat them.

3. Low carbon travel

We will work towards having fossil-fuel-free travel by 2038. We will achieve this by promoting active travel and public transport and transition the necessary vehicles to zero emission alternatives.

4. The things we buy and throw away

We need to buy, use, and dispose of goods in a sustainable way so that our collective decisions do not add indirectly to the burden of climate change, creating pollution in Bury or elsewhere.

5. Food

We need to work towards reducing the impact of our diet on climate change. This requires a shift to more plant-based options and buying local seasonal food.

6. Our natural environment

Working with our natural environment to limit and reverse the impacts of climate change, by increasing woodland cover and by protecting and enhancing soil environments and natural habitats.

7. The green economy

Working to support our businesses to transition to carbon neutrality and to provide a suitable and sufficient commercial sector to future proof our local economy in a sustainable manner.

8. Environmental justice

Working towards ending fuel poverty and identify and address environmental injustices in our borough.

9. Climate resilience and adaptation

Adapting our borough's buildings, infrastructure and natural environment to the changing climate and increasing the climate resilience of our residents and organisations.