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The vision 

Support the development of a fairer, greener and more competitive and resilient economy that delivers successful places, people and businesses.

Bury Economic Strategy has three main goals, each with a clear ambition:

  • Our place
  • Our people
  • Our economy and business

Our place

Our ‘place’ ambition is to:

Create an inclusive, sustainable and prosperous place, where people choose to live, work, invest and visit.

We will achieve our ‘place’ ambition by focusing on:

  • Enabling and supporting investment, employment and business growth and unlocking economic opportunity through an increased supply of employment land.
  • Creating successful, attractive and vibrant town centres which have diverse uses and create the right conditions for investment, including supporting the growth and development of Bury’s wider leisure, culture, tourism and evening and night-time economy offer.
  • Creating great places to live through a strong, mixed and affordable housing offer in the borough.
  • Improving our infrastructure - transport, energy, and digital - to support sustainable growth.
  • Supporting a carbon neutral borough and adapting to climate change

Our people

Our ‘people’ ambition is to:

Build the capabilities of people to find, sustain and progress in employment and achieve economic security.

We will achieve our ‘people’ ambition by focusing on:

  • Improving all age education and skills provision to support increased life chances.
  • Attracting and retaining talent to help fuel our growth.
  • Reducing economic inactivity and unemployment.
  • Improving health and wellbeing.

Our economy and business

Our 'economy and business ' ambition is to:

Create the conditions for business to prosper and accelerate the transition to a fairer, greener and more resilient economy.

We will achieve our ‘economy and business’ ambition by focusing on:

  • Building the economy of the future by providing responsive infrastructure and targeted support to realise our growth potential.
  • Supporting and inspiring a ‘Bury’ model of inclusive growth, community wealth building and social value.
  • Assisting businesses to address barriers to growth and harness opportunities.
  • Promoting key sectors to maximise opportunity and inclusive growth.
  • Resilient and growing SMEs supported through an integrated and connected business ecosystem.