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The following summarises the five defining threats shaping economic growth and prosperity in the borough.

  1. Bury’s ageing population is compounded by a slow increase in its working age population (if not addressed this will result in a smaller workforce available to support our desired economic growth)
  2. Skills shortage vacancies are a barrier to business growth and productivity (skills shortages hinder the functioning of businesses and industries and limit the ability of an economy to diversify into new sectors and industries).
  3. Enterprise and scaling up (In 2020, the borough didn't have as many new businesses starting as some other places, and that's not a good thing. Making a good place for businesses means giving them the things they need, like places for people to work and spaces that don't cost too much, so businesses can start and grow).
  4. Inequality becomes more routed in Bury (as the borough pursues major opportunities for economic growth, it will need to ensure opportunities are inclusive to residents and local businesses)
  5. Poor digital ‘cold spots’ could hinder business competitiveness and undermine digital inclusion (this threatens the borough’s competitiveness and could deter investment)