Housing Benefit

Claim Housing Benefit

Check if you are eligible for Housing Benefit (and Council Tax Support), make a claim, and find out what evidence we need to see

Should you be getting Universal Credit or Housing Benefit?

Housing Benefit is being replaced by Universal Credit, find out which one you should be claiming

Tell us something has changed

Report a change which affects your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support, such as starting work or moving home.

Housing Benefit explained

Find out if you can claim, and how much you could receive

Payments of Housing Benefit

Find out when your next Housing Benefit payment is due

Local Housing Allowance

Housing Benefits for tenants of private landlords - find out the current Local Housing Allowance rates

Housing Benefit advice for private landlords

Find out how Housing Benefit works and how a landlord can arrange for benefit payments to be made direct to themselves

Backdating the start date of your claim

Find out when your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support claim will be paid from, and if you can ask for backdated benefit

Disagree with a benefits decision

What to do if you think something is wrong with our decision about your benefit claim

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