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Bury Council makes provision for assistance with travel between home and school for pupils attending mainstream and special schools and for eligible students with additional special educational needs attending college.

The School and College Transport are currently working from home and have limited access to incoming post. Where possible please submit your application form by email to for an assessment to be undertaken. If your application for a travel pass is successful you will be contacted at a later date to provide a passport sized photograph. If you require a paper application posting to you please contact the team on 0161 253 6968.

How do I apply?

Check the Flowchart of Eligibility for a Free School Travel Pass [51kb] to determine if you think you are eligible, before completing the relevant application form below and ensure that you attach all supporting documents asked for (photocopies are accepted).

Application and guidance for assistance with travel to and from school

Application for travel assistance between home and school for pupils with special educational needs

Home to School SEN travel application form

Application for travel assistance between home and college

Bury Council has a duty to facilitate the attendance of all persons of sixth form age, 16 to 18 and those continuing learners who started their programme of learning before their nineteenth birthday, receiving education or training to ensure that:

  • learners of sixth form age are able to access the education and training of their choice
  • if support for access is required, this will be assessed and provided where necessary

Home to College travel application form

The policy for travel arrangements for children and young people with special education needs and disability was last reviewed in 2015. The Council have committed to reviewing the existing policy to ensure it meets statutory requirements and reflected updated guidance as set out by the Department for Education (DfE). 05/01/2024

Travel strategy and policies

In making provision to meet the travel needs of those deemed to be eligible, the Council will seek to reach agreement with parents or carers on the use of sustainable modes of travel. Providing a number of options based on choice and independence including assisted use of public transport, financial assistance for parent providing transport, and the introduction of pick up points, wherever possible promoting independent travel as part of the core offer.