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The Department for Work and Pensions investigate Housing Benefit fraud. They also look into Council Tax Support fraud if the person is claiming Housing Benefit at the same time.

People commit benefits fraud if they:

  • work but do not tell us when they claim benefit
  • claim as a single person but live with a partner
  • do not tell us about other adults living in their property
  • do not tell us the full amount of their income, earnings, savings or that they own another property when they claim benefit
  • claim from an address they do not live at
  • do not let us know that their circumstances have changed

Landlords or letting agents commit benefits fraud if they:

  • get Housing Benefit payments for tenants who do not live in the property
  • approach tenants about claiming Housing Benefit illegally

If someone is only claiming Council Tax Support then Bury Council investigators will look into any allegations of fraud. Please see our fraud webpage for more information.