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You do not need to report a missed bin collection if your bin is not full and you can manage until your next collection.  

Before you report a missed bin

  • Wait until after 5pm on your collection day
  • Check below for missed bin collection updates, we may already know your bin has been missed.

Do not report a missed collection if your bin:

  • wasn't at the kerbside or your collection point by 7am
  • is too full and the lid is not fully closed
  • has incorrect items within it

Missed bin collection updates

Bad weather, road works and other operational issues can sometimes mean we're unable to empty bins. Leave your bin out if we miss the collection in your street, we will empty it as soon as we can, usually the next working day. 

Please leave missed bins out for collection. We will empty them as soon as we can.

Collections missed on Thursday 8 June 2023

Grey bins

  • Elton: Part of Mitchell Street and part of Tottington Road (missed due to lack of access)

Green bins

  • Bury: Part of Alfred Street, Andrew Street, Benson Street, part of Heywood Street, Hurst Street, Ingham Street, Ingham Place, part of James Street, Nuttall Street, Openshaw Street, Ormrod Street, Oxford Street, Primrose Court, Valley Mill Lane, Wilson Street

Blue bins

  • Bury: Belle Vue Terrace, Houghton Street, part of Manchester Road, Maudsley Street (missed due to lack of access)

Brown bins

  • Walshaw: Acres Street, Acresbrook Walk, Bank Street, Birchen Bower Walk,  part of Booth Way, Church Street, Collins Street, Copthorne Walk, Gorsey Clough Walk, Kenyon Way, Moyse Avenue, Pleasant Street, Walshaw Walk, Part of Bolton Road, Chislehurst Close, part of Orpington Drive
  • Radcliffe: Part of Countess Lane, part of Radcliffe Moor Road

Collections missed on Wednesday 7 June 2023

Brown bins

  • Hollins/Pilsworth: Alnwick Drive, Alton Close, Balmoral Close, Blenheim Close, Borden Way, Chatsworth Close, Croft Lane, Felton Close, Gawthorpe Close, Haddon Close, Heaton Close, Heaton Drive, Melton Drive,  Stokesay Close, The Croft, Wilton Drive, Woburn Drive
  • Whitefield/Unsworth: Alkrington Close, Blackley Close, Part of Bury New Road, Chadderton Drive, Malton Avenue, Monsall Close, Morley Street, Nuttall Avenue, Nuttall Mews, part of Parr Lane, Ripon Avenue, Ripon Close, Sawley Avenue, Stanley Road, Stanley Street
  • Radcliffe/Whitefield: Bradshaw Avenue, Brierley Avenue, East Avenue, Nipper Lane, part of Radcliffe New Road, South Avenue, Spencer Avenue.
  • Radcliffe/Whitefield: Hampstead Drive and Jubilee Avenue (missed due to lack of access)
  • Whitefield: Eight Acre, Hey Croft, Higher Croft, Lower Croft,  Marle Croft, Meadow Croft, Old Hall Lane, Redcot Court,  Part of Ringley Road, Rye Croft, Sergeants Lane, The Spinney

Collections missed on Tuesday 6 June 2023

Brown bins

  • Prestwich: Webster Grove (missed due to lack of access)
  • Prestwich: Albert Avenue, part of Bury New Road, Fort Road, Hardman Avenue, Harrogate Avenue, Mather Avenue, Mildred Avenue, Mowbray Avenue, Princess Avenue, Richmond Avenue, Sedgley Avenue, Wilton Avenue, York Avenue, Beechcroft, part of Kings Road, Sedgley Park Road, Stobart Avenue, Tudor Court, Wells Avenue

Report a missed bin collection

To report a missed collection you must do so by 1pm the next working day, after your scheduled collection was due. 

What happens next?

  • For a missed blue, green or grey bin collection we will post official bags for you to use until you next scheduled collection
  • For a missed brown bin collection we will return within 5 working days
  • For a missed assisted bin collection we will return within 3 working days.