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We will empty your brown recycling bin once every two weeks on your collection day

You can apply for a brown bin if you do not have one. We don't provide extra brown bins.

What you can put in your brown bin

Your brown bin is for recycling garden waste and food waste. 

These items can go in your brown bin:

  • grass cuttings
  • hedge clippings
  • cut flowers and plants
  • leaves
  • bark and twigs
  • small branches
  • small wooden logs
  • raw or cooked meat and fish and bones
  • raw or cooked fruit, vegetables and peelings
  • dairy products, such as eggs and cheese
  • bread, cakes and pastries
  • rice, pasta and beans
  • uneaten food waste
  • tea bags and coffee grounds.

What you can't put in your brown bin

  • any type of packaging
  • plastic bags
  • liquids, such as fruit juice or milk
  • cooking oil or liquid fat
  • large amounts of soil
  • large wooden logs
  • plant pots.

Food waste recycling

To help with recycling food waste we provide one free roll of 52 compostable liners per year. Your free roll will be delivered to you annually, usually during December at the same time as your new bin collection calendar.

How to make your liners last

  • Store your liners in a cool, dry place
  • Use your liners sparingly and only for food waste, aim to use each liner until it is full
  • Put some food waste loose inside your bin (eg vegetable peelings, tea bags, coffee grounds, fruit, egg shells land bread)
  • Save your compostable liners for items such as raw meat, fish, bones, or messy leftovers.

Please note: Food waste can be placed loose inside the brown recycling bin.

Extra compostable liners

If you choose to buy extra liners, these are available at most supermarkets. They must be compostable and marked with the seedling logo.

Brown bin leaflet

Do not put batteries or mobile phones in any of your bins

Batteries and mobile phones should always be recycled appropriately as they contain hazardous materials and are a fire risk if disposed of incorrectly. Visit Recycle Now to find a recycling point for batteries or mobile phones.