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We will empty your grey household rubbish bin once every three weeks on your collection day.

What you can put in your grey bin

Your grey bin is only for household waste that cannot be recycled in your other bins.  Examples of that you can put in your grey bin:

  • plastic margarine containers
  • plastic food trays
  • plastic yoghurt pots
  • plastic packaging and packets
  • pet waste (in a tied bag)
  • tissues and used paper towels
  • wet wipes
  • nappies (in a tied bag)
  • sanitary products (in a tied bag)
  • bagged waste you cannot recycle.

Your grey bin should not contain recycling and it must not be overloaded. The lid must be fully closed for all collections. 

To create more space in your bin, you could:

If you regularly have no space for extra waste you cannot recycle in your other bins, you can request another bin.

Grey bin leaflet

Do not put batteries or mobile phones in any of your bins

Batteries and mobile phones should always be recycled appropriately as they contain hazardous materials and are a fire risk if disposed of incorrectly. Visit Recycle Now to find a recycling point for batteries or mobile phones.