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We will empty your green recycling bin once every three weeks on your collection day.

You can request a green bin if you do not have one, or you need an extra bin because you regularly have extra recycling after squashing and flattening your items. 

What you can put in your green bin

Your green bin is for recycling clean paper and clean cardboard only. These items can go in your green bin:

  • newspapers and magazines
  • catalogues and phone directories
  • paper and shredded paper
  • flattened cardboard boxes and packaging
  • toilet and kitchen roll tubes
  • wrapping paper, greetings cards and envelopes
  • cardboard food and drink cartons
  • books and junk mail.

Before items are placed in your green bin, we ask that items:

  • are flattened or squashed to make more space in your bin.

What you can't put in your green bin

  • Plastic bags
  • Metallic wrapping paper
  • Plastic film and polystyrene
  • Plastic packaging, such as from inside cardboard boxes
  • Wet wipes, tissues and used paper towels
  • Cotton wool and makeup pads
  • Nappies and sanitary products
  • Wallpaper.

Green bin leaflet

Do not put batteries or mobile phones in any of your bins

Batteries and mobile phones should always be recycled appropriately as they contain hazardous materials and are a fire risk if disposed of incorrectly. Visit Recycle Now to find a recycling point for batteries or mobile phones.