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To make sure your bins get collected on their scheduled collection days, you must:

  • have your bins out on time
  • place your bins in the correct place
  • ensure your bin lids are fully closed
  • only place acceptable items in your bins
  • not overload your bins.

If you'd find it helpful, you can also register for bin collection day email reminders.

When to put your bin out

On your collection day, you should:

  • put your bins out by 7am
  • return your bins to your property as soon as possible after being emptied.

Where to put your bin

On your collection day, you should place your bin at an accessible location to our waste collection crews. Depending on the type of house you live in, your bins should be placed out as follows.

Non-terraced houses:

  • out at the front, either at the kerbside or usual collection point 

Terraced houses:

  • out at the back, either at the kerbside or usual collection point 

If you are not sure of your collection point, please check how your neighbours present their bins. If you need help with moving your bins, you might be eligible for assisted collections.

How to put your bin out

When putting your bins out on collection day, we ask that:

  • bin handles are facing the road
  • all waste fits inside the bins and lids are fully closed
  • parked vehicles do not obstruct our collection vehicles

We also recommend that you put your house number is on your bins, as this helps to identify which bins belong to your home and prevents them from being stolen.