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Supplementary Planning Guidance or Supplementary Planning Documents provide additional information on how the Council will implement various saved policies in Bury's Unitary Development Plan.

Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) was prepared under the previous development plan system. However, since the introduction of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, advice produced since then is referred to as Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD).

Supplementary Planning guidance and documents have been prepared and are available to download:

  • SPD 1 - Open space, sport and recreation provision in new housing development
  • SPG 2 - Wildlife links and corridors
  • SPG 3 - Planning out crime in new development
  • SPG 4 - Percent for public art
  • SPG 5 - Affordable housing provision in new residential developments (please see also First Homes below)
  • SPD 6 - Alterations and extensions to residential properties
  • SPD 7 - Managing the supply of housing land in Bury
  • SPD 8 - New buildings and associated development in the Green Belt
  • SPD 9 - Conversion and re-use of buildings in the Green Belt
  • SPD 10 - Planning for equestrian development
  • SPD 11 - Parking standards in Bury
  • SPD 12 - Travel plans in Bury
  • SPD 13 - Conversion of buildings to Houses in Multiple Occupation
  • SPD 14 - Employment land and premises
  • SPD 15 - Residential conversions
  • SPD 16 - Design and layout of new development.

First Homes

The government has introduced new planning policy requirements for First Homes - a specific kind of affordable housing for discounted market sale to first time buyers.

The government policy will be a material consideration in determining planning applications. In order to set out how the policy will apply in Bury and the local eligibility criteria to be applied, a First Homes Policy Position Statement has been prepared and is available to download below, in addition to the existing SPG 5 - Affordable housing provision in new residential developments. It has been adopted by the Council as a material planning consideration so that the Council's position on the application of local eligibility criteria is clear and to provide guidance to applicants until a full review of the affordable housing policy is undertaken through the Bury Local Plan.

Section 106 Proforma

In order to validate planning applications that will require a Section 106 Agreement under the adopted SPDs (in particular SPD1, SPG4, SPG5 or SPD14), we will require the S106 proforma to be completed and submitted with your application. The proforma is available to download.

Other non-Council advice

Transport for Greater Manchester have also produced non-statutory guidance on Transport for Sustainable Communities: A guide for developers which is intended to supplement the statutory policies set out in the National Planning Policy Framework and local planning policies.

Ainsworth Village Design Statement was produced in partnership with the Ainsworth Community Association, Radcliffe Area Board and Bury Council. Although the AVDS has no formal standing as a Supplementary Planning Document, it is a useful document for the users of Bury's planning services and planning officers of the Council.