Conservation area advice

Because of the importance of detail within the conservation areas, new developments and alterations to existing buildings, however small, could threaten the general character if not carefully and sympathetically designed. Therefore, when any work, however minor, is contemplated, it may be helpful to discuss proposals with the Conservation Officer at the earliest stage.

It is also strongly suggested, when contemplating development proposals within conservation areas (however small) to seek suitably qualified, professional advice from an architect or building surveyor. They will be able to ensure that your proposal is designed in accordance with the constraints laid down by the Conservation Area and direct you to employ builders skilled in working in historic areas.

Grants for the repair or restoration of listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas

The vast majority of properties within conservation areas are owned by private companies and individuals. Maintenance and repair of these buildings by their owners will inevitably continue to comprise the major part of the investment in the protection of the character and appearance of the borough's conservation areas.

However, there are a range of grants made available towards the cost of repairs to historic buildings administered by Bury Council, English Heritage and other sources which may include Lottery Funds. Grant aid tends to be targeted on particular areas and/or types of buildings and availability will vary from year to year. It is, therefore, suggested that potential applicants for grant aid discuss their repair/restoration project in outline with the Conservation Officer in order to determine availability of such financial assistance and how to apply.

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