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All emerging documents that form part of Bury's Local Plan will require a sustainability appraisal. The purpose of a sustainability appraisal is to ensure that the principles of sustainable development are fully taken into account during the plan preparation process.

Sustainability appraisal process stages and outputs
Stage Sustainability appraisal process Outputs
A Setting the context, establishing the baseline and deciding on the scope Sustainability appraisal scoping report
B Developing and refining options and assessing effects Initial sustainability appraisal work and ongoing engagement
C Preparing the sustainability appraisal report Prepare the sustainability appraisal report
D Consulting on the development plan documents and the sustainability appraisal report Public participation on the sustainability appraisal report, appraising significant changes to the plan and submission of the final sustainability appraisal report
E Monitoring the significant effects of the implementation on the development plan documents Sustainability appraisal monitoring to be included within the Local Plan monitoring report