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The National Planning Policy Framework requires local authorities to undertake Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessments (SHLAA) to help identify potential sites for residential development.

The SHLAA is an assessment of how many units can be accommodated on identified sites and suggests the timeframe for when these sites are likely to be available. 

Deliverability summary

One of the Government's main objectives in the National Planning Policy Framework is to ensure a sufficient supply of deliverable housing sites to meet the housing targets.

We've done an assessment of all its sites within the SHLAA 2022 to determine whether they meet the deliverability tests in the National Planning Policy Framework and can contribute to the five year supply of housing land.

Housing delivery test action plan

In February 2019, the Government released the 'Housing Delivery Test' figures for all local authorities in England for the first time. The test is an assessment of whether councils and other planning authorities are overseeing development of enough homes for their area.

In Bury, 60 percent of the new homes needed have been built (979 out of 1,635). This result means that we need to write an action plan to show what we are going to do to increase the number of new homes built across Bury.

Greater Manchester gypsy, roma and travellers accommodation assessment

The Government has recently published national 'Planning Policy for Traveller Sites'. It states that local authorities, individually or collectively, should undertake accommodation assessments in order to help identify local accommodation needs and to help determine the numbers of pitches and/or plots that are required in each area.

Bury, together with the other nine Greater Manchester districts, appointed consultants (Arc4) to undertake this assessment to help identify needs and to form part of the local evidence base of Local Plans.