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Apply to book an event area

You can apply to book a park an open space, if you're planning to host an event in the Bury area.

When applying online, you'll be asked to upload a copy of your public liability insurance certificate and if possible, your event plan.

Before applying, we recommend you read:

Application process

When we receive your request, we'll contact you to:

  • Discuss your booking
  • Arrange payment of the administration fee and any other charges that apply

Please note: We may refer your request to the Bury Event Safety Advisory Group for a decision on your application.

Using parks and open spaces conditions

  • No activity other than that detailed in the application will be permitted
  • The Organisation will not create any nuisance, deface or damage any property belonging to the Council
  • It is agreed by the applicant that any reinstatement costs incurred by the Council as a result of its use of the facility will be recharged to and paid by the Organisation (for example, renovating of grassed areas, removal of litter)
  • The Organisation will comply with the instructions of any authorised officers of the Council regarding the event or any conditions laid down by the Council or its authorised officers. The Council or its authorised officers reserve the right to stop the event or operation of any machinery or equipment
  • The authority of the applicant to sign on behalf of his or her Organisation or Company may be required to be shown


The Organisation will indemnify the Council against all legal liability and actions, costs, claims and demands (other than those caused by any acts or omissions of the Council) arising from:

  • The use of the land or property by the Organisation, it's members agents and associates; and
  • Injury to persons and damage to property of persons attending the venue by express or implied invitation of the organisation, its members, agents or associates (other than injury to persons or damage to property caused by any acts or omissions of the Council)

In this regard, the Council insists that Public Liability Insurance is obtained with a limit of indemnity of at least £5,000,000 (please check with us). Cover should include both the date(s) of the event and any preparation beforehand and clearance of the site afterwards.

Funfairs, fairground and inflatable equipment

  • If fairground or inflatable equipment is present the organisation making the application is responsible for submitting, at the time of application, a copy of their, or the fairground operatives, current public liability insurance certificate which must carry a minimum amount of insurance of £5,000,000 cover and an annual safety certificate provided by an appropriately qualified engineer. (This cover is to include the indemnity)
  • Funfairs, fairground and inflatable equipment must comply with the Health and Safety Executive's "A Code of Safe Practice at Fairgrounds". All documentation required by the code must be available on site for inspection by the Health and Safety Executive and any authorised representative of the Council. For further information, please contact our Health and Safety team on 0161 253 5143
  • All fairground and inflatable equipment should carry an annual safety certificate provided by an appropriately qualified engineer, a copy of which shall be made available for inspection by a Council officer both before the event and on site

Bouncy castles and inflatable equipment

If Bouncy Castles or similar inflated play equipment (described below as 'the equipment') are used then the following additional conditions apply:

  • The equipment must be adequately secured against strong winds and enthusiastic use by participants
  • At the entrance to the equipment a suitable safety mat of adequate thickness and of such dimension to cover the entrance shall be installed
  • Only the maximum number of users as specified by the equipment manufacturers shall be allowed onto the equipment
  • The equipment and its use must be adequately supervised

For further information, please contact our Health and Safety team:

  • By post: Health and Safety Section, Resources and Regulation Department, Town Hall, Bury, BL9 0SW
  • By calling: 0161 253 5143

Public access to the site

The site must not be closed to the public. No gate or entrance collections shall be made, but permission may be granted for the sale of programmes, provided prior approval is obtained.

Licensing: gaming and amusements with prizes

  • The organisation shall not use or permit the venue to be used for the purpose of gaming gambling, betting, poker, bingo etc, with the provisions of the Gambling Act 2005. You will need to apply for a for this licence

Licensing: music, dancing and exhibitions

Unless the park itself has a Premises Licence, you will need to apply for a temporary event notice if you intend to use the land for:

  • Music and dancing and entertainments of a like kind, or
  • Public music from recording only, or
  • Public contents, displays or exhibitions of boxing, wrestling, judo, karate or any similar sport

Licensing: alcohol

Applications to sell alcohol must be made to us as the Local Authority. Before submitting an event booking application, you will need to apply for a temporary event notice and contact the Licensing Service on 0161 253 5208.

For further information, please contact our Licensing team:

  • By post: Licensing Service, 3 Knowsley Place, Duke Street, Bury, BL9 0EJ
  • By calling 0161 253 5208

Please apply early so that proper arrangements for inspection can be made.


No posters shall be fixed to any street furniture, for example; lampposts or roadside railings belonging to the Council without our expressed permission.

Marquees and tents

Are the sole responsibility of the event organiser and must be erected safely and inspected throughout the event.

Markets Charter and sale of goods

This includes, for example; five or more stalls or a car boot sale.

  • The organisation will not contravene:
    • The Markets Charter of the Metropolitan Borough of Bury. For further information contact the Markets Manager, by calling 0161 253 6520;
    • A markets licence may be required if having 5 or more retail stalls
    • Any other statutory requirement whatsoever.

Use of mains or generated electricity supply

  • All cables when connected to mains electrical supply must be protected by a double pole Residual Current Circuit Breaker with a sensitivity of 30mA
  • All cables carrying above 110v must be supported at least 10 feet above the ground across roads and pathways
  • All cables carrying above 110v must be buried below ground where (21) above is not practicable
  • Cables must not be tethered or supported by the use of fencing or posts in the ownership of the Authority
  • Armoured steel wire cable must be used for any supply, other than domestic caravans