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A temporary event notice (TEN) allows you to carry out licensable activities on a premises, which can include an outside area, such as a public park or street. A temporary event notice is needed for a premises that:

  • does not have a premises licence
  • does have a premises licence, but the licence does not cover the activities your event activities.

Temporary events notices (TENs) are restricted to a maximum of 500 people, including attendees and staff. TENs are used to gain permission from the licensing authority to allow you to:

  • sell alcohol
  • provide regulated entertainment
  • provide late night refreshment.

Apply for a temporary event notice

Before applying for a TEN, you must understand the following terms:

  • applicants must be over 18 years of age
  • applicants may apply for up to five TENs in a calendar year
    • two of which can be a late TEN
  • personal licence holders may apply for up to 50 TENs in a calendar year
    • 10 of which can be a late TEN
  • the total number of days for all TENs submitted by a single applicant or personal licence holder cannot exceed 26 days in a calendar year
  • a single premises may not host more than 20 temporary events in any calendar year
  • a temporary event can cover up to 7 days, not totalling more than 168 hours
  • there must be a 24 hour gap between separate but consecutive events organised by a single applicant.

Standard temporary event notice

A standard TEN application must be made with notice. You should submit an application to us at least 10 full working days before the first day your event is due to start.

When we receive your application online, we will notify the police and the environmental health service.

Late temporary event notice

To apply for a TEN less than 10 full working days before your event is due to begin, you can apply for a late TEN.

A late TEN can applied for between 5 and 9 full working days before your event. For example, you may apply for a late TEN if you have a last minute venue change.

Application fees

When applying for a TEN online, you will also need to pay a fee.

Application process

We'll acknowledge receipt of your TEN application by signing a copy of it and returning it to you. You must keep this safe because it's your proof that the TEN has been received and you may have to produce it for inspection during your temporary event.