Food hygiene

Health and safety advice for businesses during coronavirus

Advice and useful links to help businesses during coronavirus.

Our food safety and hygiene responsibilities

Information about our legal duty to enforce food hygiene regulations.

Check a food hygiene rating

Find out about the national rating scheme and search for hygiene standards at food premises.

How to appeal a food hygiene rating

Find out about grounds for appealing a rating and how to do it.

Apply for a food hygiene rating revisit

Request a revisit to your business to inspect compliance with food hygiene law and rerate the score you received on the last food hygiene inspection.

Food business registration

Register a food business to store, prepare, distribute or sell food.

Food hygiene and safety training

Where to find out about training for food handlers, training providers and training videos.

Food poisoning

Advice on what to do if you think you have food poisoning.

Food Standards Agency

Find out about the Food Standards Agency and their work with local councils across the UK.

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