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Use this form to report food hygiene issues such as:

  • Food hygiene concerns about a food business in the borough of Bury.
  • Foreign bodies in food such as glass, metal and insects. If your complaint is about food from supermarkets, factories or national food chains you should initially contact the company as they usually have customer complaint procedures in place and can often resolve the complaint themselves..
  • Suspected food poisoning from food purchased in the Borough of Bury. If you have or have had symptoms of food poisoning such as diarrhoea and vomiting you should first consult your GP to arrange a specimen to establish whether it is food poisoning. Quite often these symptoms are caused by viruses which are not food related.

Please note: Issues not posing a risk to health, such as low level mould growth, damaged packaging or other quality issues don't usually merit investigation.

Please answer all the questions in our online form as clearly and accurately as you can to help us to deal with the problem you are reporting.