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Bury Council has a legal duty to enforce the The Food Safety & Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013 and the laws linked to it. We:

  • proactively inspect food businesses throughout the borough of Bury to check for compliance with the law;
  • use educational techniques as well as legal means to help businesses meet the required standards;
  • investigate complaints about food premises;
  • investigate notifications of possible food poisoning;
  • action food alert warnings reported to us by the Food Standards Agency;
  • give advice on food issues; and
  • work with other health professionals locally and nationally.

About food safety and hygiene inspections

We carry out regular checks on all food premises to make sure high standards are maintained. We have the right to enter and inspect food premises without having to make an appointment or giving prior notice. How often we inspect depends on:

  • what type of food is handled;
  • people at risk;
  • how the business is managed;
  • the conditions of the premises;
  • any complaints we have received.

During an inspection we take samples, photographs and inspect records and take away any food we suspect is unsafe. We try to resolve any problems we find without formal action but for serious problems that cause an immediate risk to health, we can recommend prosecution or impose prohibitions on the business, process or equipment. If the public are at risk we will serve a hygiene emergency prohibition notice to close the establishment down.