Licences and permits

Taxi licences

Apply for hackney and private hire vehicle licences.

Food, alcohol and entertainment licences

Register a food business; apply for a premises licence to sell alcohol, provide entertainment and sell hot food after 11pm; or apply for a personal licence.

Business and street trading licences

Apply for street collections, street trading, car boot and house to house collections licences.

Health and beauty licences

Apply for a hairdressers and acupuncture, skin piercers, tattooists and electrolysis licences.

Gambling and lottery licences

Apply for gambling premises licences and lottery permits

Animal licences

Apply for a licence involving animals.

Road and pavement permits

Apply for a skip permit and scaffolding and highway projection licences.

Licensing public registers

Public registers for licences and changes to premises licences.

Shared home (Houses in Multiple Occupation) licences

Check if you need a HMO licence and apply for a licence.

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