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To renew your taxi driver licence for a Hackney Carriage or private hire vehicle, you can do this online and can also apply up to eight weeks before your licence expires. To renew your licence, you'll need to:

  • apply and pay online
  • provide your:
    • DVLA driving licence and share code
    • Tax share code
    • enhanced DBS check certificate
    • medical fitness certificate
    • right to work
    • digital photo.

If you allow your licence to lapse, you will not be able to renew your licence. Instead, you'll need to apply for a new licence.

Supporting documents

DVLA driving licence and share code

When applying to renew your licence, you'll need to:

  • upload a photo of your full UK driving licence
  • declare any motoring offences endorsed on your driving licence
  • provide a share code for your DVLA issued driving licence.

You can get a driving licence share code from GOV.UK.

Tax share code

Visit our tax check for licences page to find out about HMRC tax checks for taxi licence related renewals and how you can get a tax share code.

DBS check

You must provide your enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check certificate. DBS checks need to be completed every three years. If your DBS is due to expire, you can apply for a DBS check using the online service provided by Taxi Plus. 

It is mandatory for all licensed drivers to sign up to GOV.UK's DBS Update Service. You can sign up using your DBS check reference number which:

  • will be given after you've applied for a new DBS check
  • will be shown on your DBS check certificate.

After you've completed a DBS application, you'll receive a reference number to allow you sign up to the DBS Update Service on GOV.UK.

Medical fitness

If your medical is due, you must provide a completed medical examination report form.

You can download the medical examination report form and arrange an appointment for your GP to complete it for you. Your GP will need to access your full medical records to:

  • complete the medical questionnaire
  • confirm you meet DVLA's requirement of 'group 2 medical standard of fitness' to drive a Hackney Carriage or private hire vehicle.

If your GP is not willing to certify that you meet the group 2 medical fitness standard, you'll need to request your medical records from your GP and get a medical report from an alternative GP or doctor at your own expense.

Right to work

Your right to work in the UK will be checked as part of your application to renew your private hire or Hackney Carriage driver licence. The checks may include your Home Office immigration status.

You will need to provide your UK passport or share code from GOV.UK to prove your right to work. Alternatively, you should provide the appropriate documents as described on our acceptable supporting documents page.

If there are restrictions on the length of time you may work in the UK, the validity of your licence will reflect this. In such circumstances, the check will be repeated each time you apply to renew or extend your licence. If you're disqualified from holding a licence because you have not complied with the UK's immigration laws, your licence will lapse and you must return it to the licensing authority. Failure to do so is a criminal offence.

Digital photo

You should provide a recent digital photo of yourself. This will be used to print on the front of your drivers badge. Your photo should:

  • have a plain, light coloured background
  • include your shoulders
  • show your face clearly.

Declaring convictions

When renewing your taxi driver licence, you must declare all criminal and driving related convictions and endorsements, including any fixed penalties.

You must also inform us of any cautions or convictions that arise whilst you hold a licence.

Private hire drivers conditions

When renewing your licence as a private hire driver, we recommend reading and understanding the conditions that will be attached to your licence.

Renew your taxi driver licence

When you're confident you have all the supporting documents and information described on this page, you can apply online to renew your private hire or Hackney Carriage driver licence. 

During your application, you'll be prompted to:

  • pay the licence fee of £215
  • add the supporting information or to upload evidence of any supporting documents.