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Vehicle testing standards and compliance

Sunnybank Service Station and Bradley Fold are our appointed compliance testing stations for private hire and Hackney Carriage vehicles. Vehicle owners are advised to read our licensed vehicle testing page which includes information about:

  • both testing stations
  • vehicle test inspection manual.
  • both private hire and Hackney Carriage vehicle testing guidance, including vehicle specification, signage, vehicle emissions and other vehicle standards required.

Vehicle licence conditions

Private hire and Hackney Carriage vehicle owners must meet the conditions required for their vehicle(s).

Apply, renew or change a vehicle licence

You can apply online:

  • for a new vehicle licence
  • to renew an existing vehicle licence
  • to change the vehicle of an existing licence holder.

When applying online, you:

  • can pay the licensing fee as part of the application process
  • can choose your preferred vehicle testing station of either Bradley Fold or Sunnybank Service Station
  • should also upload copies of required documents, such as:
    • V5 logbook of vehicle registration or
    • new keeper part of the V5 and receipt of vehicle purchase.

For vehicle licence renewals:

  • you can apply online up to 8 weeks before your current vehicle licence expires
  • if you allow your licence to lapse without making a renewal application, your vehicle will be classed as a 'first grant; and will need to comply with the vehicle conditions age policy.

Vehicle licence application process

We aim to process your application within five working days.

When your application has been approved, you'll receive an email about your vehicle compliance test, as follows:

  • if you selected Bradley Fold: two working days before your vehicle compliance test. The email will include a link for you to amend your appointment if needed, although you cannot amend the appointment if it's within one working day of your appointment time.
  • if you selected Sunnybank Service Station: your confirmation email will advise you to contact Sunnybank to arrange a convenient date and time for your vehicle compliance test. Please do not contact Sunnybank until you have received your email advising you to book your test.

Vehicle ownership transfer

If you purchase a vehicle that already has a current Bury licence you will need to transfer the ownership of this licence from the current licence holder to yourself. If a vehicle licence fails to be transferred, the responsibility for that licence will remain with the previous owner even after the vehicle is sold.

To transfer the vehicle licence following a sale, you'll need to upload:

  • an acceptable receipt of sale showing the sale of the vehicle, which must include:
    • the name and address of the old owner
    • the name and address of the purchaser
    • the registration of the vehicle
    • a statement signed by both parties that the new owner agrees to;
      • purchase the vehicle and transfer the vehicle licence
  • the V5 logbook in your name or the V5 new keeper supplement slip.