Planning policy

Adopted Bury Unitary Development Plan

Sets out existing policies used to determine planning applications.

Bury Local Plan

Together with the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF), the Local Plan will form a key part of Bury's overall development plan.

Greater Manchester Spatial Framework - Greater Manchester's plan for homes, jobs and the environment

The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework is a plan that ensures enough land is secured in the right places to deliver the jobs and homes needed to create thriving and sustainable communities right across the city-region all the way to 2037.

Greater Manchester Minerals and Waste Plans

The 10 Greater Manchester Authorities have jointly produced plans to guide future minerals and waste proposals.

Supplementary planning advice

Supplementary Planning Documents provide additional guidance on the implementation of particular planning policies.

Evidence and monitoring

Bury Council is required to monitor the effectiveness of planning policies and assess how we are performing against the timescales set in the Local Development Scheme.

Local Development Scheme

This sets out the Council's timetable for producing the Local Plan.

Statement of Community Involvement

This sets out how the Council involves people in planning applications and the development of planning policies.

Neighbourhood planning

Neighbourhood planning is a new way for communities to get involved in guiding the future development of the places where they live and work.