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Minerals Plan

The ten Greater Manchester Authorities have worked together to prepare separate Joint Minerals and Waste Development Plan Documents which form part of Bury's wider Development Plan.

The Minerals Plan has been adopted by the Council and came into force on 29 April 2013. It sets out policies to guide future minerals development and identifies 'Areas of Search and Mineral Safeguarding Areas' in order to protect minerals resources across Greater Manchester to 2028. The plan forms part of each authority's Development Plan.

A planning team located within the Greater Manchester Geological Unit (GMGU) was responsible for all aspects of plan production and consultation, with assistance from the Greater Manchester authorities as necessary.

Waste Plan

Similarly, the ten districts have also produced a Joint Waste Development Plan Document for Greater Manchester and, again, Manchester joint minerals this also forms part of Bury's current Development Plan. The Waste Plan has also been adopted by the Council and came into force on 1 April 2012.

The Waste Plan sets out policies to guide future waste development and identifies sites and areas suitable for the location of waste development across Greater Manchester to 2027.

A planning team within Greater Manchester Geological Unit was also responsible for the preparation of the Waste Plan.