Taxi driver's licence - renewal

Right to work in the UK check

Your right to work in the UK will be checked as part of your private hire/hackney driver licence renewal application. This could include checking your immigration status with the Home Office. You must provide either an acceptable document or documents from the Lists of acceptable documents for right to a licence checks or provide a right to work code from GOV.UK so that we can check your right to work in the UK. You will need to upload an acceptable document or documents or right to work code with your application.

If there are restrictions on the length of time you may work in the UK, your licence will not be issued for any longer than this period. In such circumstances, the check will be repeated each time you apply to renew or extend your licence. If, during this period, you are disqualified from holding a licence because you have not complied with the UK's immigration laws, your licence will lapse and you must return it to the licensing authority, failure to do so is a criminal offence.

New government tax check on licence applications

The government has introduced mandatory tax checks through the Finance Act 2021 to confirm that the applicant is appropriately registered for tax. These new rules will differ depending on whether the licence applicant is new or already licensed.

Applicants and licence holders are advised to contact HMRC, or your accountant should you require any specialist advice around your tax obligations.

Read all the information on New government tax check on licence applications.


Your disclosure and barring service check (DBS) needs to be completed every three years in line with the renewal of your drivers licence. If your DBS is due to expire we have secured the temporary use of an online facility for you to be able to renew this. You must follow the instructions below before you submit your drivers application as your driver's licence will not be renewed until you are in receipt of your DBS Certificate and you will be required to upload this as part of the driver's renewal application.

To complete a DBS check online using Personnel Checks

Go to Personnel Checks, enter your details and pay online

  1. You will be sent an application by email so please ensure you have correctly input your email address.
  2. Complete the application and upload your documents
  3. You will be notified by email when your application has gone to the DBS to be processed and you will be sent a reference so you can track the application online.
  4. You will then be sent an email once your check is complete and your certificate will follow in the post.

Update Service

When you have completed your application and been given your reference number you should immediately sign up to the DBS Update Service using the link below. This is a mandatory requirement.

DBS Update Service.

Once you have completed your details, you will need a debit card to pay the fee of £13.

This fee is then payable to the DBS annually. You must maintain the registration to enable the licensing authority to routinely check for new information every six months as a minimum. Failure to maintain the registration may have implications for your driver's licence in the future should your application be granted by the licensing authority. This service reduces the need to apply for multiple certificates when you move from one job to another in the same workforce or when a recheck is required by the authority that issue your licence.

Please note: If you are not registered with the Update Service, a licence that has not been issued within 6 months of DBS certificate issue date will require a further enhanced DBS.

Organisations can carry out a quick online Status check to see if an individual's Certificate is still up to date - saving you both time and money.

By subscribing to this service you will be able to:

  • Add/Remove DBS Applications/Certificates.
  • View the organisations who have checked the status of your Certificate(s).
  • Amend your contact and payment details.


If your medical is now due, you must provide a completed medical examination report form. Please download and print the form below and book an appointment with either a registered GP or a registered doctor that has access to your full medical records.

Please note: You will need to confirm beforehand that your registered GP or registered doctor are willing to carry out the following.

  • Complete the medical questionnaire; and
  • Give their opinion as to your fitness as per the group 2 guidelines issued in the Medical Fitness to drive issued by the DVLA.

If your registered GP or registered doctor is not willing to certify that you meet the group 2 guidelines then your medical certificate will not be accepted and you will be required to obtain a further medical certificate at further expense to you.

pdf icon Download the Medical Examination Report form [289kb]

DVLA Driving Licence

You must declare any motoring offences on your application form. Motoring offences are any activities that have resulted in your DVLA licence being endorsed, for example, speeding, failing to stop at a red light or failing to provide the details of a driver at the time of an alleged road traffic offence. When we receive your application, we will require a DVLA issued licence share code so we can check the information you have provided. If there is a discrepancy between the DVLA record and your application form then you may be required to attend a meeting of the Licensing and Safety Committee.

Apply to renew your Taxi driver's licence

To renew your private hire or hackney driver's licence, complete and submit the application form at the end of this page. You will be required to pay the fee online at the same time you submit your application form.

Please note: You can apply up to 8 weeks before the expiry date of your current licence. Please also be aware that if you let your licence lapse without making a renewal application you will be classed as a new applicant and be required to fulfil any subsequent pre-requisites.

You must also upload the DVLA check code which can be obtained from the DVLA at the link below and a photograph of your driving licence. Please note this code is valid for 21 days but can only be used once so if you have already used this code you must obtain a new one before uploading. Please also have your Enhanced DBS Certificate, medical statutory declaration form and right to work documents also ready to upload if these are applicable to you.

See: - view or share your driving licence information.


You are required to declare all criminal and driving related convictions and endorsements (this includes Fixed Penalties) on your application form. If you do not, it could delay or stop us from progressing your renewal application.

See: Policy and guidelines relating to the relevance of convictions, formal and simple cautions, complaints and other matters which may impact on the granting of a licence.

Important please note: The conviction guidelines are relevant during the duration of your driver's licence.

Private Hire Drivers conditions

See: Private Hire driver conditions.


You will need to upload a recent digital photo of yourself which will be printed on the front of your badge. It should have a plain light background that includes your shoulders and shows your face clearly.

Renew a taxi driver's licence

Renew a taxi driver's licence

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