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Drivers of private hire or Hackney Carriage vehicles must declare all convictions, fines or cautions to comply with our cautions and convictions policy.

As a driver, you must notify us immediately of any:

  • arrest
  • criminal investigation
  • summons
  • charge
  • conviction
  • formal or simple caution
  • fixed penalty
  • speed awareness course
  • criminal court order
  • criminal behaviour order
  • anti-social behaviour injunction
  • domestic violence related order
  • warning or bind over
  • any restorative justice.

You will need to provide a copy of any letters from police, solicitors or court.

To declare a conviction to us, you will need to provide:

  • your driving licence number
  • details of the conviction
  • documentation relating to the conviction.

After we receive your report, we'll update our records within seven working days. You'll be contacted by a licensing enforcement officer who will advise you if any further action is to be taken.