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The Bury Climate Action Plan shows our progress towards being carbon neutral by 2038 and is divided into key action areas. Here are the actions we have taken towards some of these key areas.

Keep checking back to track our progress!

Key action area 1: Our energy supply

Go Neutral Smart Energy programme

We are working with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) to increase the amount of solar energy generation and smart energy measures on our land and buildings. The GMCA have created the Go Neutral Smart Energy framework of suppliers who can provide these smart energy measures.

Local Area Energy Plan

We have been working with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and Energy Systems Catapult to produce a Local Area Energy Plan (LAEP). The plan is a critical component of the decarbonisation of heat and transport by creating a borough-wide plan of energy use and need to inform, shape, and enable the transition to net zero carbon energy system.

Bury Council Greenhouse Gas Emissions report

Since 2008/09 we have measured the greenhouse gas emissions from council activities and each year we produce a greenhouse gas report which describes our progress. Our latest report shows that since our 2008/09 baseline we have reduced our emissions by 63%.

Street lighting column replacement programme

As part of a £5.5 million five-year programme, we are currently working around the borough replacing approximately 3,200 lighting columns that are coming to the end of their serviceable life. More energy efficient LED street lamps are also being installed at the same time. The LED lighting is more energy efficient and uses less electricity, and it emits less carbon than traditional sodium lights; it also has a much longer lamp lifespan requiring significantly less maintenance.

The replacement programme, which will be on a whole street basis, is expected to take up to 2024 to complete but will be finished more quickly if possible.

Key action area 2: Homes, workspaces and public buildings

Public Sector Decarbonisation Fund

Using the Government's Public Sector Decarbonisation Fund, we have made improvements to seven of our buildings including improved insulation, new windows and solar PV (solar photovoltaic) panels that generate electricity.

Key action area 3: Low carbon travel

Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure (EVCI)

We have been working with Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) to introduce more charging infrastructure into the Be.EV network. More chargers will be added to this network over the next two years.

Working with TfGM we are also introducing charging infrastructure specifically for Taxis, this will include 2 to 3 charging hubs installed in council-owned car parks.

  • To find out more about the Be.EV network and to access chargepoints see: Be.EV

E-Car Club

Working with TfGM and Enterprise Car Club we have introduced two electric car clubs in the:

  • Market car park in Bury
  • Fairfax Road car park in Prestwich

For more information see: Enterprise Car Club

Bee Network

We are proud to be working with TfGM on the Bee Network, which is Greater Manchester's active travel network, which plans to deliver the UK's largest cycling and walking network.

For more information see: TfGM Bee Active

Council fleet

We are in the process of updating our vehicles and how we can introduce zero emission vehicles. We now have 13 electric vans as part of our fleet.

Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan

Like many areas across the country, Greater Manchester has illegal levels of air pollution on some local roads.

We are committed to cleaning-up the air our residents breathe.

All ten local authorities in Greater Manchester plan to do this in a way that encourages a change to cleaner vehicles without putting jobs, livelihoods and businesses at risk.