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For us to tackle climate change we all need to do our bit.

Work out your carbon footprint

Use the Worldwide Fund for Nature's calculator to estimate your own carbon footprint and identify the areas where you can improve.

Use Giki Zero to find out what your carbon footprint is then find steps to reduce it. Choose from over 100 steps that suit your lifestyle and budget.

How you can reduce your impact on climate change

The Bury's Climate Action Strategy and Action Plan shows our progress towards being carbon neutral by 2038 and is divided into key action areas. Here are some ideas of how you can help us achieve our goals and reduce your own impact on climate change.

Keep checking back to find out about new ways you can go green!

Key action area 1: Our energy supply

Switch to green energy

The Big Clean Switch is website where you can compare your existing energy supplier with a panel of vetted green tariffs.

There are lots of energy providers in the UK offering green energy, but they're not all equally environmentally-friendly. Big Clean Switch verify the claims of all the companies that they offer to ensure that they're greenwash-free and provide 100% renewable energy.

Key action area 2: Our homes, workplaces and public buildings

Make your home more energy efficient

A lot of carbon emissions are produced by heating and providing power to our homes. Therefore, the challenge is how we can work to reduce this demand from our homes by making them more efficient and even introducing renewable energy generation.

Key action area 3: Low carbon travel

Another significant contributor to carbon emissions is caused by how we travel. Therefore, we need to look at how we can reduce the impact of this travel.

Let's get you moving - the Bee Network

The Bee Network is Greater Manchester's active travel network, which aims to deliver the UK's largest cycling and walking network.

Change to an electric vehicle

The UK plans to phase out the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030. That's a big change for drivers and TfGM are committed to help people make the switch to electric.

Key action area 4: The things we buy and throw away

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Reducing our waste and dealing with any waste in the most appropriate way, for example by recycling it, is vital to reduce our carbon impact.

To get tips and advice about:

Key action area 5: Food

Work out your diet's carbon footprint

Every day we make choices about what we eat and is an opportunity to reduce our impact on our planet. Cutting down on meat and dairy and choosing better quality locally sourced options will have the biggest diet-related impact on your carbon footprint.