Rooms for hire at Ramsbottom Civic Hall

There are two rooms available for hire at Ramsbottom Civic Hall, the Main Hall and the Holcombe Room. 

This page provides information about:

  • what each room has to offer
  • room styles and layout options

About The Main Hall

The Main Hall is the larger of the two rooms at Ramsbottom Civic Hall. It is the perfect location for weddings, dinners, family celebrations and charity events. Fully refurbished yet with many of it's original features, it is flooded with natural light, has an open platform stage, and access to the bar, Holcombe Room, kitchen and garden area.

About The Holcombe Room

The Holcombe Room is the smaller of the two rooms and is ideal for wedding ceremonies, wedding breakfasts, smaller family celebrations and corporate events. With it's striking d├ęcor and direct access to the private garden area, it is a popular choice for the more intimate occasion.

Room layouts and styles

If you would like one of our rooms to be set up in a particular way, we will do this for you and if you need advice on the best style for your particular occasion we will happily provide this. We are completely flexible and can organise any of the room styles listed below. If you can't find what you are looking for let us know because wherever possible we will do everything we can to accommodate your requirements.

Cabaret style

Cabaret style - all round tables

  • All delegates facing the front on rectangular tables.
  • Ideal for small group work, social events and presentations.
  • Main Hall maximum of 18 tables, 108 people.
  • Holcombe Room maximum of 8 tables, 48 people.

Dinner/dance style

Dinner dance - tables around a central dance floor

  • Tables around the outside of the room.
  • Dance floor in the central area.
  • Used mostly for Weddings and evening entertainment.
  • Main Hall maximum of 18 tables, 144 people.
  • Holcombe Room maximum of 8 tables, 64 people.

Classroom style

Classroom style - tables for two

  • Used to prevent to small to medium groups.
  • Delegates (in ones, two's or three's) have own workspace.
  • Ideal for testing and individual training.
  • Main Hall maximum of 24 tables, 72 people.
  • Holcombe Room maximum of 9 tables, 27 people.

Herringbone classroom style

Herringbone style - tables for two set at an angle

  • As classroom style but tables angled towards the centre.
  • Allows more discussion than ordinary classroom layout.
  • Main Hall maximum of 18 tables, 72 people.
  • Holcombe Room maximum of 8 tables, 32 people.

Theatre style

Theatre style - rows of chairs

  • Used for product launches, presentations and concerts.
  • Used to present to a large number of delegates.
  • Allows for optimal room occupancy.
  • Main Hall maximum of 165 people.
  • Holcombe Room maximum of 70 people.

Boardroom style

Boardroom style - seats around one table

  • Centrally located table (with or without a hollow square layout).
  • Classic layout ideal for debate or discussion.
  • Popular for meetings.
  • Main Hall maximum of 20 tables, 70 people.
  • Holcombe Room maximum of 9 tables, 40 people.

U-shape style

U-shaped style - tables in a U shape

  • Seating around three sides of the room (good for presentation from the front).
  • Layout conducive to discussion.
  • Presentation space in the middle of the room.
  • Main Hall maximum of 17 tables, 60 people.
  • Holcombe Room maximum of 6 tables, 30 people.

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