Asked to leave by family or friends

Under 16's

If you're under the age of 16, your parents have a legal responsibility to look after you and make sure you have somewhere safe to stay. If you feel you cannot stay or feel that you are at risk if you stay, you should contact Children's services immediately on 0161 253 5454.

16 and over

If you 16 or over and have been staying with family or friends, or are a lodger in your landlords house, and have been asked to leave, you will probably have to leave unless the person agrees to let you stay longer. It may be worth asking if you could stay a bit longer if you are actively getting help with finding somewhere else to live.

In most circumstances you would have very few rights but you may be able to ask for reasonable notice, which may give you more time to find somewhere else to stay.

Remember, if you are having problems living at home, moving out is not always the only option.

If you're having problems communicating with your parents, it may help to talk to someone else such as an elder brother or sister, your grandparents, aunt or uncle, or a friend or teacher. They may be able to act as a go-between, to help smooth things over.

It may also help if you could stay with a friend or relative for a short time to try and find a solution that will enable you to return and remain at home.

If you have been asked to leave and you have nowhere else to stay you should contact us immediately to discuss your options.

If you have been asked to leave and you have found somewhere to stay temporarily, you should contact us to discuss your housing options.

If you still need help and advice you can contact us or you can complete the referral below and we will contact you.

Complete a referral to the Homeless Assessment & Support Service

Contact for Homeless Assessment & Support Service