Parking in Prestwich, Radcliffe and Whitefield

Bury Council provides free car parking in the following locations:


Brooklands, Bury Old Road, M25 0FG20 (+1 disabled)
Chapel Street, M25 8AH18 (+1 disabled)
Clifton Road, M25 3HQ*16 (+1 disabled)
Fairfax Road, M25 1AS162 (+6 disabled)
George Street, M25 9WS18 (+1 disabled)
Longfield Centre, M25 1AY (via Rectory Lane)              160 (+10 disabled)
Park Street, M25 1GT15 (+1 disabled)
Upper Wilton Street, M25 1JG17
Whittaker Lane, M25 1FX5

* Please note at Clifton Road parking is limited to 2 hours, with no return within an hour


Alma Street, M26 4ET8 (+2 disabled)
Blackburn Street, M25 9WQ21 (+1 disabled)
Canal, Water Street, M26 4BE41 (+1 disabled)
Civic Suite East, M26 2UH (via Seymour Street)87 (+3 disabled)
Civic Suite West, M26 2UH (via Seymour Street)22 (+2 disabled)
Cross Street, M25 9UH20 (+1 disabled)
Green Street, M25 1AB76 (+1 disabled)
Irwell Street, M26 1LR7 (+1 disabled)
Library, Stand Lane, M26 1NW22 (+2 disabled)
Mather Street, M26 4TL31 (+2 disabled)
Moss Shaw Way, M26 4QH16 (+1 disabled)
Railway Street, M26 3AA53 (+1 disabled)
Riverside Sports Centre, Spring Lane, M26 2QX20 (+3 disabled)
Robert Street, M26 4DX25 (+2 disabled)
Thomas Street, M26 2UH9


Lily Hill Street, M45 7GZ                                       48 (+1 disabled)

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