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We provide parking spaces reserved for disabled drivers throughout the borough.

They are for use of drivers with permits under the Blue Badges scheme. If you have a Blue Badge you can park in a disabled space for free and there is no time limit.

If you have a Blue Badge and park in a regular parking space you need to buy a pay and display ticket.

Bury town centre
Location Disabled spaces
Bolton Street Station, BL9 0LQ 4
Castle Leisure Centre, BL9 0HE (via Irwell Street) 7
Foundry Street, BL9 7AZ 5
George Street, BL9 0QT 1
Irwell Street, BL9 0LL 1
Manchester Road, BL9 0SY (via Belle Vue Terrace) 4
Moorgate, BL9 7AQ 2
Parsons Lane, BL9 0LY (behind Wilkinsons) 16
The Castle, BL9 0EY (entrance on Bolton Street) 2
The Market, BL9 0RN (entrance on Spring Street) 25
Trinity Street, BL9 0BT 8


On street parking in Bury town centre
Location Disabled spaces
Bank Street, BL9 0DN 2
Bland Street / Moor Street, BL9 5AQ 3
Broad Street, BL9 0DA 2
Clerke Street / Rochdale Road, BL9 0PN 10
Edward Street, BL9 0SB 4
Knowsley Street, BL9 0SN 6
Manchester Road, BL9 0DR (near Bury Library) 4
Spring Street, BL9 0RN (outside Asda) 5
The Rock, BL9 0JP (near Marks & Spencer) 5
Tithebarn Street, BL9 0JR 2


Bury - outside town centre
Location Disabled spaces
Heywood Street, BL9 7ED 2
Kay Street, BL9 6XX 1


Location Disabled spaces
Brooklands, Bury Old Road, M25 0FG 1
Chapel Street, M25 8AH 1
Clifton Road, M25 3HQ
(parking is limited to 2 hours, with no return within an hour)
Fairfax Road, M25 1AS 6
George Street, M25 9WS 1
Longfield Centre, M25 1AY (entrance on Rectory Lane) 10
Park Street, M25 1GT 1


Location Disabled spaces
Alma Street, M26 4ET 2
Blackburn Street, M25 9WQ 1
Canal, Water Street, M26 4BE 1
Cross Street, M25 9UH 1
Green Street, M26 1AB 1
Irwell Street, M26 1LR 1
Mather Street, M26 4TL 2
Moss Shaw Way, M26 4QH 1
Radcliffe Civic Suite, M26 2UH (via Seymour Street) 5
Radcliffe Library, Stand Lane, M26 1NW 2
Radcliffe Market, Blackburn Street, M26 9WQ 3
Railway Street, M26 3AA 1
Riverside (Sports Centre), Spring Lane, M26 2QX 3
Robert Street, M26 4DX 2


Location Disabled spaces
King Street, BL0 9BB (near Tesco) 3
Market East, Union Street, BL0 9AN 6


Location Disabled spaces
Chapel Street, BL8 4AL 1
Lomond Drive, BL8 1UL 1


Location Disabled spaces
Higher Lane, M45 7BY 2
Lily Hill Street, M45 7GZ 1