Private hire operator's licence

Important information about your application

You cannot operate (accept bookings for) a private hire vehicle unless you hold a private hire operator's licence.

You must demonstrate that you are a 'fit and proper person' by passing a Disclosure & Barring Service check (at your own expense). We cannot process your application until we have received your results which can take up to five months.

We will give you a copy of the DBS application form when you bring us your completed operator licence application form. You will need also need to produce a photo driving licence or a valid passport and two recent utility bills or bank statements. If you want to operate more than one private hire vehicle from a private residential property you will require planning permission. For this reason, operators with more than one vehicle tend to run their business from a commercial premises.

How to apply for a private hire operator's licence

Submit and complete the private hire operator's licence application form

Next, print and sign the form

Once you have submitted the form, print and sign it.

Now, make an appointment

You will need to contact Bury Licensing Service to make an appointment to complete your application.

Please make sure you take all the required documents together with the licence fee to your appointment. Please note: We only accept payments by debit or credit card.

Conditions and information for operators of private hire vehicles

1. Planning permission

You will need written permission for each of the premises to be used as a private hire booking office, issued by our planning department. If planning permission is not needed then this must be produced in writing. If the premises are being used by members of the public to wait for vehicles then an inspection is needed to make sure the facilities are adequate. If the premises are not being used by the public then it may be possible to issue a licence immediately. Please note: It is not possible to transfer an operator's licence to another person or people.

2. Radio equipment

You must keep radio equipment in good condition and repair any faults as soon as possible.

3. Premises

Any premises open to the public must be:

  • clean;
  • properly lit; and
  • heated.

You should provide covered seating.

4. Bookings

When you accept bookings you must make sure the vehicle arrives:

  • on time; and
  • in the right place.

5. Written records of bookings

When you accept a booking you must keep a record of the following details, whether the booking was made in person or over the phone.

  • The time you took the booking
  • The name and address of the person who hired the vehicle
  • Where the booking came from
  • The time the person wants picking up
  • Where the person wants picking up
  • Where the person is going
  • The driver's name and badge number
  • Which vehicle you will use and the plate number

If you give the booking to another operator you must make a written record of this.

You must keep these records for 12 months.

Any booking forms a contract between you and the person who makes the booking (whether or not you own the vehicle you send).

6. Your records

You must keep an up-to-date list of the following.

  • Owners of private hire vehicles
  • The licence plate numbers of your private hire vehicles
  • Insurance details
  • Copies of the private hire driver's vehicle licence which we issue
  • Copies of the private hire driver's vehicle licence which the DVLA issues.

You must show this information to any authorised officer who asks to see it.

Your private hire vehicle drivers must not:

  • pick up any person who has not booked beforehand;
  • book the vehicle for any passengers;
  • act in any way which makes people believe that they can hire the vehicle without booking beforehand;
  • offer any vehicle for hire to people who have not booked;
  • get someone else to look for business for them; or
  • accept a passenger and phone the booking in later.

7. Signs

Vehicles must display the following signs.

  • The name of your firm on the front windscreen at the top left-hand side.
  • The name of your firm at the bottom of the back windscreen.
  • The name, phone number and logo of your firm on the two front-door panels.

All signs, including phone numbers and logos, must be between 4cm and 7cm high. You must not display a sign or note saying:

  • taxi;
  • cab; or
  • for hire.

You must check with our Licensing Officer before you use any new signs.

8. Council notices

You must display any notices we ask you to display. We will tell you where you must display these notices.

9. Convictions and cautions

If you are formally cautioned for an offence or convicted of an offence you must tell us straight away by phoning us on 0161 253 5208, or within seven days in writing to: The Licensing Officer, 3 Knowsley Place, Duke Street, Bury, BL9 0EJ.

10. Complaints

If a member of the public makes a complaint to you about your business you must tell us, in writing, within seven days.

11. Fares

You must tell us if you increase your fares. You must make sure that meters show up-to-date fares.

12. New drivers or vehicles

You must tell us if you employ a new driver or use a new vehicle. You should do this before any new driver starts work for you, or before you use the new vehicle. You must tell us:

  • the new driver's name and badge number;
  • the name and address of the person who owns the new vehicle; and
  • the new vehicle's registration number and plate number.

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